Caela's Chicky Butt Wreath Deisgn

Caela's Chicky Butt Wreath Deisgn

Caela's creativity truly shines through in her beautiful chicky butt wreath design. Each element carefully selected and thoughtfully placed, coming together in perfect harmony. Her vision and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the design. The colors and textures complement each other flawlessly, creating a stunning and unique piece of art. Caela's dedication and passion for her craft are truly inspiring.

We had an absolute blast during her latest live session this month! Caela whipped up a mesmerizing creation using a blend of textured mesh that danced between snowdrift, glitzy glam, and a fun basket weave feel. Starting with this fabulous base, she sprinkled on luscious dupioni ribbons, zesty Orange and Yellow Diagonal Woven Check Ribbon, and added a pop of whimsy with the delightful Yellow, Pink, Blue, and White Glitter Ball Spray. What a masterpiece!

Recreate this design using these items:

 Yellow Pink Blue And White Glitter Ball Spray 

1.5 Inch By 10 Yard Yellow White Polka Dot Ribbon

10.25 Inch By 10 Yard White Netting With Snowdrift

1.5 Inch By 10 Yard Soft Pink Dupioni Ribbon

2.5 Inch By 10 Yard Orange And Yellow Diagonal Woven Check Ribbon

10 Inch by 10 Yard Daffodil Clear Metallic Mesh
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