Christmas Tree Recipe

christmas tree formula
When it comes to decorating a Christmas Tree, it's hard to judge how many of each item you need from ribbon, ornaments, sprays and more! We are here to make things easy for you, we have created a Recipe Guide for decorating your Christmas Tree! Of course every person is different and you can use more or less of each item, this is just a guide! Our team here at TMI loves glitter and all things Christmas so you may see us go decorate a little over the top! Now lets get to it!


Ribbon is our favorite so of course we have to start with it first! Our owner and designer, Tracy, likes to start her tree with the ribbon, then fill in ornaments, sprays, etc. after her ribbon is placed! You can place your ribbon vertical, spiral, or horizontal and add in bows as fillers as needed! 
The calculations:
Most of our ribbon is 10 yard rolls, which adds up to 36 feet per roll, so we are going to base our calculations off of that! We normally decorate our trees a little heavier on the ribbon. Remember this is just a guide, so use more or less of our calculations depending on your desired look!
 Tree Height
Rolls of Ribbon
needed for
Topper with streamers
Rolls of Ribbon Needed for Diagonal/Vertical Streaming for full length of tree

6.5 ft.

1-2 rolls  2-3 rolls 

7.5 ft.

2-3 rolls 2-4 rolls


3-5 rolls 4-5 rolls


Here at TMI we typically decorate with ornaments second! ï»żOrnaments are the fun part from original ball ornaments, bells, characters, figurines, and more! We are giving you the recipe for a fully decorated tree, so if you plan to not decorate the back of your tree or one side because it won't be shown you would need to cut this number down a bit!

 Tree Height

For the Classy & Elegant Ladies

For the Boujee & Extra Queens

Ornament Size

6.5 ft. 50 pieces 100 pieces 4-6 inches
7.5 ft. 80 pieces 130 4-6 inches
9-12 ft. 120 210 4-6 inches

Sprays, Stems, & Florals

We save the sprays for last because they are a great filler and if you have any bare spots you can see exactly where to pop one of these in at! Don't forget this is just  a suggestion, have fun and use what suites your style! Sprays are typically 7-48 inches so it would depend on your size stem.

 Tree Height For the Classy & Elegant Ladies For the Boujee & Extra Queens
6.5 ft. 25 40
7.5 ft. 35 50
9-12 ft. 50 65



If you have any questions we would be happy to help! Just reach out to us 2 662-454-9400 or

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