Flip Flop Wreath Collab

Flip Flop Wreath Collab
We had the honor of collaborating with Sweet Girl Design Co this month.  Caela is the owner of Sweet Girl Design Co.  As a business owner, a mother and a full time employee Caela is always working and showing her dedication to each task. In this collaboration she took on some of our summer items.  She used techniques like the cruffle method and how to do loop bows. 

Caela explained that when using the cruffle method you would simply cut your mesh, curl the ends in away from your body  1 to 2 times, ruffle it in the middle and then you can attach to your wreath branches. She makes it look so easy when watching her do this technique. I would say the most popular item during this live was our 20 Inch by 10 Yards Designer Netting Basket Weave Sky Blue. It seemed like a lot of the followers loved the color and the texture. We learned a lot watching her during her live tutorial on how to create this piece.  If you want to learn how to create this beautiful Summer wreath you can watch the replay on her YouTube.  Everything you need will be listed below.

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Items used: 20 Inch by 10 Yards Designer Netting Basket Weave Sky Blue, Polka Dot Life Is Better Ine Flip Flops Sign, 15 Inch Wired, 25 Inch Oad White Work Wreath,10 Inch by 10 Yard Metallic Fuchsia Mesh, 1.5 Inch Fuchsia White Polka Dot Ribbon, 2.5 Inch Flip Flops And Sunglasses Ribbon, 2.5 Inch Flip Flop Block Ribbon, 1.5 Inch Lime Green White Polka Dot Ribbon, 1.5 Inch X 10 YD Aqua With White Polka Dots, Flocked Pom Pom Spray, and Glittered Flip Flop Spray
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