Halloween Decor Favorites

Halloween Decor Favorites
Spooky Season is soon approaching and I want to show you a few of my favorite items to decorate my house with! I'm not super big on decorating the entire house for Halloween, but I like to decorate the most seen places in my home like the entry way table, kitchen, and the front porch! 
Let's start with the entry way table! If you don't want to hang a mirror above your table, just simply prop it against the wall! We love how faux spider webs add a little extra spookiness to the home so of course we added that to the mirror along with a lighted spider! You could leave it at that if you like to keep things more simple!

Super Giant Spider Web


14 Inch LED Spider

Item# 94752140000


But, for the extra ones, i'll show you a few more pieces to add to your table! Grab your favorite tiered tray and add our Halloween gnomes, mini pumpkins, wooden garlands and whatever else grabs your attention! We also added a "Witches Wanted" sign to the bottom!

Halloween Embossed Sign- 3 Styles

Item# MD0982


Im the girl who has a new dish towel every season and if you're guilty of that too then you'll have your stash of Halloween Dish towels to spruce up the area! We used our " Kitchen Witch stirring up Magic" towel! 

Enamel Reversible Halloween Sign On a Stand 2 Styles

Item# H20033


Add a table runner or banner or leave the base of your table exposed! We love the "Boo" garlands and they add the perfect touch to any Halloween set up!

Candy Trick Or Treat Sign

Item# AP8232


For the final side of our entry way table we added a "Trick or Treat" sign and our plush witch boot along with our plush mini pumpkins! If you don't do an entry way table, you can add these items to your fireplace mantle, kitchen table, and more!

Purple Orange Multi Color LED Gnome Wreath

Item # 2591140


Wreath's in today's world make it so easy to spruce up your door! We're a big fan of pre-made wreaths because the work is done for you! We used the "Welcome Lighted Gnome Wreath"!
Now for the fun part! Add your favorite Halloween ribbon for the final touch!
Tiffoni Eaton designed these displays you see in the photos! 


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