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How to Make a Wreath and the Perfect Bow with Ribbon

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a wreath using ribbon bows, or how to tie the perfect bow for gifts then you’ve come to the right place! Ribbon wreaths offer a fresh new take to the traditional-looking wreath. Let TMI Gifts help you breathe new life into your old wreaths and decor, and let us help you with tying that perfect gift bow.

Ribbon Bow Wreaths

To begin making a ribbon bow wreath, select a sturdy wire frame wreath and cut your ribbon strips into lengths of 8”. Start by tying your pieces of ribbon in knots around the wireframe until the frame is full. Your wreath should be completely covered in ribbon strips with no wireframe peeking through.

For the finishing touch, add a big sheer ribbon bow on top and let the loose ends dangle down through the middle of the wreath. Use the same sheer ribbon as a hanger, and tie it around the back of the wreath frame and hang on interior walls and doorways. And that’s it! For a wreath with so much color and texture, it’s actually quite simple and fun to make. Try your hand at making a ribbon wreath with friends, or as a fun crafty date night idea.

Do you love making ribbon bow wreaths? Consider making it your hobby. Making stunning and creative projects with your hands can give you immense satisfaction and happiness. Make ribbon bow wreaths for every season or holiday, and start spreading the love to family and friends. Ribbon bow wreaths make excellent gifts! These elegant and fun creations are the perfect housewarming gift, newlywed present, and great for seasonal gift-giving like Christmas and Chanukah.

Tying the Perfect Bow for Gifts

Gift with Bow Knot

If you want to learn to perfect a classic bow knot then we have a few tips and tricks for you as well.

Begin as you would if you were making a ribbon wreath by selecting your ribbon of choice. Take the ribbon in your hands and fold the ribbon, forming two loops: A and B. This process is much like tying your shoes, however, be careful not to twist the ribbon. Take side A and fold it over side B, and then take your crossed-over side A and fold it down behind side B and through the bottom loop. You should be left with a loose knot. Gently pull both loops taut, taking care not to crinkle the ribbon loops. And there you have it, the perfect ribbon bow for gifts!

Learning how to tie a ribbon bow is much better than buying bows with sticky backing at the store. You can cut the length you want, choose the color you want, and best of all, it’s reusable for future gifts!

If you don’t get either of these projects just right the first time around, don’t get discouraged! As with all things, it takes practice to learn how to make a wreath and how to perfect the classic bow shape. The important thing is to have fun! Check out our extensive selection of ribbon rolls at TMI Gifts to get started on your next project! You will find all the ribbon you need, and more, at wholesale prices!