Lemon Wreath with Justin Greene

Lemon Wreath with Justin Greene
When life gives you lemons,
make a lemon wreath.
By Justin Greene at Greene Wreaths
Life's too short not to mix and match patterns.
If you're not catching Justin's live sessions, you're seriously missing out! In a recent session, Justin whipped up the most stunning lemon wreath. Let's dive into the juicy details of how he crafted this beauty!
Justin prefers an oval shape for his base wreath, so he adjusts it by squeezing it together. He starts with 20" cuts of mesh burlap and black for the outer rings, alternating every other one. Then, he moves on to burlap mesh for the inner ring, securing it with twist ties. Continuing with a 10-inch poof pattern for the inner ring, he repeats this process throughout. Justin then cuts 20" strips of burlap and black mesh for his 6 cruffles, rolling them up and placing them on the outer ring.
The pre-drilled sign makes it easier for wreath makers. Justin opts to use wire instead of hot glue, securing it closer to the top to leave room for the bow at the bottom. He creates a beautiful bow with burlap, green swiss dot ribbon, and lemon ribbon, securing it with wire or a pipe cleaner. After attaching the bow to the wreath, he dovetails the ribbons.
For the ribbon strips, Justin cuts them at 14" and layers them on top of the burlap to create 6 ribbon tails, spreading out the colors evenly.
He cuts the salvia pick to maximize its use and hot glues it between the ribbon tails. He breaks apart the silk wax bundle to place it under the bow and ribbon tails, shaping it throughout the design.
Using the lemon pick and baby's breath, Justin fills in any gaps in the wreath. Finally, he adds rose balls by breaking them up and hot gluing them in where needed.
A handy tip from Justin is to use umbrella bags to store mesh neatly.
Justin's enthusiastic and entertaining style, along with his sweet accent and wit, keep viewers engaged. He showers his followers with compliments, showcasing his genuine and kind-hearted nature, making the world a better place.
  • Some of my personal favorite sayings from Justin are, “ Life's too short not to mix and match patterns” and “When life gives you lemons, make a lemon wreath”.
    Be sure to stay tuned for more collaborations with Greene Wreaths.
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