Patriotic Wreath Collab With Max

Patriotic Wreath Collab With Max

If you are new around here, you might not know that we collaborate with Max at MB Crafts every month.  This month he designed a whimsical patriotic wreath design filled with vibrant reds and royal blues. 

When we started collaborating with Max we knew he was incredibly talented, but the level of talent Max has as a young adult is truly amazing.  Not only is he talented but he is so involved and engaged with all his followers.  Max is a very successful 19 year old that also attends school full time while building his business. We assure you if you take the time to watch Max’s lives you are sure to learn something new every time all while being entertained.

This collaboration Max went for a more whimsical patriotic design.  This design was filled with vibrant royal blues, firecracker picks and more.  One of my favorite things about his designing is how he can literally do anything with what he is given.  For instance, he didn’t want the lights on the wreath so he simply removed them.  I remember during the live he said, he had never worked with the 4” Glamour Mesh before but when he got to working with it, you would have never known.  He knew exactly what to do with it and it was so pretty!  A lot of his followers loved those two 4” Glamour Mesh’s.  One is our Rubies and Sapphires and the other is our Red, White and Blue Stripe.  A lot of people get intimidated by these smaller mesh designs, but they are just as easy and fun to work with. Not to mention there is 20 yards on each roll.


We are excited for what the month of May holds for our collaboration with Max.  We have something different and fun in mind and are excited to see how Max works his magic.   Stay tuned for more from Max!!

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