Summer Fun Wreath Collab

Summer Fun Wreath Collab
One of this month’s collaborations was with the sweetest lady, Mrs. Jennifer with Burlap and Bling.  We were so excited for this collaboration. If you have seen her work, you know that she is very extravagant with her designs.
We love the lives because it is so fun to watch these talented designers interact with their followers. Jennifer really connects with her followers, and you can tell they love her.  Fun fact, one of the coolest things she has ever designed was a custom wreath for mother with two sons and she used their very first mitts and baseballs in the design.   How sweet!  And that just goes to show you that you can create whatever you want in a wreath and there is no right or wrong.
She uses several of our items, starting with our Hot Pink 24” Oad wreath frame.  On this frame she used a burlap color mesh and topped it with our daffodil 10” yellow mesh and our new hot pink 10” mesh that she loved!  She refers to it as more of a raspberry color and she isn’t wrong.  It is the most beautiful vivid, rich shade of pink. Jennifer uses the technique of taking the two 10” mesh’s cutting them into strips. Which she didn’t measure, and I love that she free hands it because it doesn’t have to be precise to make a beautiful wreath. There are no rules! Alternating each color mesh, she creates a pretty ruffle while twisting the branches around to secure.  Also, make sure to alternate between branches so that you have one yellow followed by pink.
To create her bow she took a 2.5 inch black and white ribbon and made two loops about 5” wide and secured that bow with a pipe cleaner with two streamers about 15 to 16” long.  Using that same technique, she layers on our 2.5 Inch By 10 Yard Ivory Canvas Fuchsia Vertical Stripe Ribbon
She likes to do each bow and then layer them on top.  She explains this is a longer process but due to her neuropathy this is how she likes to do it.   So, this is a very easy technique to start making bows.   This would be a great option if you don’t have a bow maker. Again, using the same technique, she does the same with the last two ribbons in the collection.  One being a 1.5 Inch Yellow White Fuzzy Stripe Ribbon and 1.5 Inch By 10 Yard Fuchsia with Big White Lattice Ribbon. Now that each bow is individually secured, she starts stacking and layering them how she wants.  She likes it this way because she can hold it a little better.  In this wreath she does a six-ribbon bow which we don’t see a lot. Exactly why we wanted to collab with her.  It was really cool to see. She secures that bow with a large pipe cleaner and then uses one to attach it to the wreath form.
In this wreath design, she has this beautiful, printed pineapple that she hot glues to the wreath just right above the bow she attached.  She is using her wire cutters as a weight to place on top of that sign so that the glue really dries well to the mesh.   Don’t forget to dove tale those ribbons for a cleaner look!   She also likes to glue the bow so that she knows they are going to stay where she puts them.  It adds double added protection of being tied in and with the glue.  Just simply hot glue the bow loops to the mesh. 
Be sure to go follow her Facebook page to re-watch the entire design process of this wreath.  You are sure to learn some new techniques. 
If you don’t know Mrs. Jennifer has neuropathy from her Cancer treatments.  She is seriously a walking miracle.  I was truly touched by her story and there is no doubt she is here to continue to bless and touch the hearts of others.  I love that she shares her testimony and uses her talents to encourage others.
Jennifer's Tip for long lasting wreaths:
She sprays a scotch guard to help the bows keep their shape!! What a great tip for canvas ribbons.  She says spray it lightly, but it really helps keep that shape.  She said she has also been known to spray on her mesh as well.   It is amazing what these designers teach you.
This wreath is giving very tropical vibes. Mrs. Jennifer outdid herself here and we can’t wait to see what she does next!  
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