Tarnation Creation Collaboration

Tarnation Creation Collaboration
First, this girl starts out strong! Everyone that was attending her live was there chatting it up with her. The energy of this live was so much fun.  Lindsey absolutely killed this live! We love that she took what was sent to her and created two totally different pieces. If you ever catch her live be sure to stick around to learn some great tips and tricks.  Also, meet some fellow crafters and catch a good laugh.  When I say I was laughing, I mean they had me rolling.  
Lindsey started with her first design using the 36-inch swag that is on sale for $16.00.  This was a hit during the live because it is at such a good price.   A lot of followers explained how they were nervous to work with it but after watching Lindsey they wanted to give it a try and was less intimidated.
She then takes our 4-inch by 20 yards designer netting red, white and blue glamour (also known as mesh) going in a zig zag motion down throughout the swag while using the branches to attach.  Doing this all throughout to create a little bit of movement. She explained the 4-inch doesn’t have to be perfect, but she is using it as a base to add movement and depth.  Lindsey says, “Trust the process”.  After coming to the end of the swag she cuts the mesh then tucks the end in so that you don’t see any frayed edges.
Before the live she prepper her 10-inch mesh by cutting 20-inch lengths.  She used about 15 of these but prepped 20 just in case.  Curl on each end of the cut piece and ruffle it up in the middle to create ruffles for the swag. Start adding it everywhere around the 4” mesh she used before.   
During this tutorial/live Lindsey sang us some Elton John (She has a wonderful voice) and called on Mr. Tarnation to be her Vanna White showing off the pieces. This was particularly funny because the ladies on the live just loved him. 
After placing all the ruffles, she gets that star of the show.  Literally! We sent her the 20 inch in length 19 inch in height red, white and blue glittered foam star.  This is the center point of her design, and it is stunning.  She used pipe cleaners to attach it into the swag. As you can see from the picture it is attached right in the middle of it. 
Instead of bows she does a loop and then a tail starting from the bottom of the swag. She says, using this technique gives the illusion of a bow but a little bit different. She executed this technique beautifully using our 2.5-inch rick rack in red and white and our 2.5-inch USA stars and stripes ribbon. She explains to place them at the top and the bottom of the swag to create fullness.  This rick rack ribbon was a favorite of all her followers.  In fact, I think we have sold out of that particular color.  If you are looking for it try our 1.5-inch red and white rick rack, or another good option is our black and white.  Be watching for a restock and more colors!
Going in with the red, white and blue ball picks she shows that you can bend it and curl it or nip them if you would like. This is a very versatile piece at only $3.95. She used glue to place the first pick at the top of the swag. One on each side of the top of the swag and then the same application to the bottom of the swag under the star.  Her idea was for it to look like fireworks, and it most certainly did.  At this point we were all in awe, but she wasn’t done! The very last step was placing the red, white and blue glitter ball and star spray in the same way to really help give the swag the volume and make it pop!  She explains there is really no wrong way to do it and if you are wanting to get started doing wreath to jump in.  I loved that she said, “learn the rules and learn you can break them”. To really do what you like when designing.
Her second piece was a more rust patriotic design, starting with a grapevine wreath base.  She says, everyone says don’t use even numbers, but this is a time we learn how to make even numbers look good.  She then goes in to place two of our red flocked and glitter pointed star to the grapevine by using skewers and hot glue. Taking a navy ribbon, she did the same one loop bow technique that she executed beautifully on the previous design, going on each side of the stars. To add a little extra filler to that bow she cuts a strip of the 1.5-inch red velvet ribbon to her liking and places a pipe cleaner in the middle of the ribbon to attach above the blue ribbon. 
Another tip she shared with us is to use a small steamer to make your florals come back to life.  She holds the florals above it and pulls it down in different directions to bring them back to life.  She says, a little steam and a little puff puff and they poof back up beautifully. She showed us this tip on the hydrangea bushes that she used alongside the blossom bush pick as fillers to really make the wreath all come together and add that pop of white.
For more inspiration be sure to follow Lindsey at Tarnation Creations on Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram.  You can also shop her designs on her Etsy account.  We are so thankful to get to work and collaborate with such a talented designer.  We look forward to another collaboration with her soon using new Halloween décor.  
You can find everything used in Lindsey’s designs listed below.  Also be sure to use her code TC25 to receive 25% off your order.
Bright Red Velvet Ribbon 1.5 Inch 10 Yard Roll, 4 Inch by 20 Yards Designer Netting Red White and Blue Glamour, 16 Inch White Blossom Bush Pick, 2.5 Inch Velvet White With Black Striped Center Ribbon, Red White And Blue Glitter Ball And Star Spray, Red White And Blue Glitter Ball Spray, 2.5 Inch USA Stars And Stripes Ribbon, Navy Blue Flocked And Glitter Pointed Star, Red Flocked And Glitter Pointed Star, White Mini Hydrangea Bush, 10.25 Inch By 10 Yard White With Red White And Blue Striped Netting, Red White And Blue Glittered Eva Foam Star, Mixed Pine Swag 36 Inch
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