Wendy with Rustic Designs KY Bow Tutorial

Wendy with Rustic Designs KY Bow Tutorial

Wendy from Rustin Designs Ky has collaborated with us to present an engaging bow tutorial. This tutorial guides you through creating an adorable bow step by step, ensuring accessibility for all skill levels.

In her demonstration, Wendy utilizes 2.5-inch by 10-yard Pink And White Check Ribbon, 2.5-inch by 10-yard Purple Background With Watercolor Flower Ribbon, and 1.5-inch by 10-yard Lavender Faux Dupioni Ribbon, all available at tmigifts.com.

For this bow tutorial, Wendy recommends incorporating a total of five ribbons. Cut three 2.5-inch ribbons to a length of 26 inches each, and trim two 1.5-inch ribbons slightly shorter than the 2.5-inch ribbons. Once the ribbons are cut, proceed to create a crisscross pattern with each ribbon, resembling a zigzag design. Stack all the 2.5-inch ribbons on top of each other, followed by the 1.5-inch ribbons. Pinch the center of each stack, fluffing out the loops. Repeat this process and stack the ribbons, ensuring one side features a loop at the top and a tail at the bottom, with the opposite arrangement on the other side of the bow. Secure the ribbons with bow wire, fluff them out, and shape the tails into dovetails. Wendy emphasizes trusting the process, assuring that once the ribbons are fluffed and shaped, the bow will come together seamlessly. Wendy utilizes this bow design for one of her door hangings, but it is versatile and can be used for wreaths, gifts, and various other creative projects. Follow Wendy for more engaging DIY bow and craft tutorials.

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