When Life Gives You Lemons

lemon decor

Hi, Madison here!  Let's talk about one of my favorite Summer trends in the decor/craft world and that would be, Lemons!! Yellow is one of my favorite colors so that may be one reason i gravitate towards the lemon decor for Summer!


Let's Dive in! Season to season i love to decorate my front porch, my table, and mantle! Whether you want to keep it simple and elegant or go all out, the lemon trend is perfect because you have so many options!


Our Fresh Picked Lemons Truck sign has to be one of my favorite items! Perfect for a door hanger or switch out your picture above your mantle for the perfect pop of color! You can shop this item here for only $4.95 ! (copy the text below into your browser)



Now let's spruce this sign up by adding some of our favorite lemon ribbon! I personally like 2.5" ribbon, but we have 1.25" options as well! Wired ribbon is typically easier to work with and 99% of our ribbons are wired, so we make life easier for you by having this option! I'm going to add our gingham 2.5" wired ribbon with lemon accents! Tie your bow or add streamers to the hanger of the sign for a completed look! This ribbon is priced at only $8.95 and you can shop it by copying the text below into your browser



Now let's say you aren't a fan of the door hanger and want something a little more simple! Our 27" Yellow ball spray is a perfect filler for your favorite vase! Complete the look by tying a bow around your vase or whatever container you decide to use! Want to know the best part about this spray? It's only $4.50 and you can shop it below! (copy the text below into your browser)




Now you can make the Lemon trend as bold or simple as you would like! I like a more simplified look in my home, but the limit doesn't exist to what all you can add to this theme for your home this Summer! 


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next blog post!





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