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Creative Supplies - Burlap & Materials

Ask craft lovers how they make such beautiful crafts, and they’ll tell you that the right supplies make all the difference. At TMI Gifts, we know that high-quality materials are essential if you want to do great work — and we’re here to bring those materials to you!

If your next project calls for craft burlap, netting, or other quality fabrics, this page is the place for you! Take a look around; we know you’ll find something that catches your eye and that you’ll find supplies to help you make the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Craft Burlap and More

Our selection of craft materials includes a wide variety of fabrics you can use to beautify your home. Do you want craft burlap to make a rustic table runner? We’ve got it — and we have tons of patterns to choose from! Need some colorful fabric to give your centerpieces a little extra flair? It’s right here! We even have centerpiece kits with everything you need to create a unique work of art that everyone will love.

Your Favorite DIY Supplies

Whether you’re shopping for your next craft project or making something special for a loved one, TMI Gifts has everything you need, along with the supplies to create a truly special gift. Do you have a question or comment for our team? Just click here to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you find everything that you’re searching for!