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13" x 18" Poly Stone Wall Cross
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Cross Home Decor

Celebrate your faith and bless your home or business with crosses of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Invite others to find joy and comfort with welcoming designs to suit any home decor from modern to antique. TMI Gifts offers the most durable materials at wholesale prices. Cross home decor can be simple or elaborate to suit your personal taste.

Wooden or Metal Crosses

For a homey appearance, wooden crosses give your space the warmth and cozy feel you seek. Layered wooden crosses add three-dimensional texture to your wall or doorway. Hang them above a prized piece of furniture to draw attention from guests visiting your home. Add detail to your dresser or guest room with our selection of wooden standing crosses that beam with pride.

Our metal crosses come in a variety of elaborate designs. Try a rustic French Fleur de Lis cross to give your living area an antique feel or choose a more streamlined galvanized metal version for more modern home cross decor. Added touches like lights or psalms on your cross add personality to your space and help bring comfort to those around you.


Our crosses are unique and make the perfect gift. Many can be hung in a variety of locations including on Christmas trees or wreaths. Choose from a wide selection of colors and sizes and bring a little faith to your friends during the holiday season. Our cross decorations for home or business are ready to wrap, hang or display.

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TMI Gifts is your one-stop destination for crosses, seasonal gifts, and holiday items. Watch your living area brighten with a simple touch and hang your cross with pride. Enhance your space with home cross decor, specialty gifts, ornaments and wreaths that celebrate your faith and personality at TMI Gifts online.