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5' Bittersweet Orange Berry Garland
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Creative Garlands for Any Occasion

Do you love making your own DIY garland wreaths? Then TMI Gifts is the perfect place to find all your supplies! We carry a great selection of work garlands that can help you enhance the base body of your wreath design. You’ll find plenty of seasonal creative garlands to choose from, so you can create beautiful decorations for any theme or holiday! Explore our options now to find the right work garland for your needs.

Our Selection

From creepy crawly Halloween garlands, to mossy green enhancements and vibrant berry garland strings, you can find something for your DIY garland wreath creation here. There is no end to the creative garlands and embellishment themes we provide including:

Garland wreath DIY should be easy and fun. So we’ve also put together a selection of premade wreaths or wreath kits for those ultra busy weeks where you simply don’t have time to make your own!

Shopping with TMI Gifts

You’ll find amazing deals and quality products every time you shop at TMI Gifts. We’re creatives ourselves, and we love finding the perfect garlands and embellishments for our unique designs - just like you! Enjoy our wholesale pricing on every item as well as free shipping on select products.