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Single-Use Face Masks - Box of 50
Single-Use Face Masks - Box of 50

Single-Use Face Masks - Box of 50


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  • Care for Respiratory Health
  • Dust, Haze, and Bacteria Prevention
  • Masks are disposable and single use. Lightweight mask provides comfort and easy breathing while you’re at work, grocery store, or running necessary errands. Just slip the string bands over your ears to create a light seal around your face. Mask should not be reused. Apply new mask after each use for best protection to ensure moisture from breathe doesn’t dampen mask.
  • Protective masks are made from non-woven fabric which has increased filtration of fluids in air compared to woven cloth. 3 layers of protection helps filter microbes from entering and exiting mask while not constricting airflow.

Technical Specs:

  • Material:  Non-Woven, Melt Blown
  • .68" x 3.75"
  • Manufacturer:  Xiamen PROBTAIN Medical Technology Co