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12" Southerners Wood Plaque
12" Southerners Wood Plaque

12" Southerners Wood Plaque


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  • Gray Wooden Plaque Featuring Handwritten-Style Black Script
  • Dark Gray Outer Border
  • "What Are Southerns Made Of?  Seersucker & Sweet Tea, Camo & Cornbread, Family Pride & Chicken That's Fried, Fishin' Poles & Swimmin' Holes, Beef Stew & Barbeque, Fireflies & Homemade Pies, Monograms, Mason Jars, & Mindin' Manners...  Mixed With a Little Bit of Butter & A Whole Lotta Blessings.
  • Built-In Wire Hanger to Easily Place on Walls, Doors, etc.
  • A Great Gift Item
  • 12" Width
  • 12" Height