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Odyssey Mobile Arcade Virtual Racer

Odyssey Mobile Arcade Virtual Racer

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Mobile Arcade

Thanks to augmented reality, the Mobile Arcade turns your mobile device into a cool, virtual race track that you can take anywhere! Remember the days of going to the arcade and having to wait in a long line to play your favorite car racing machine? Wouldn't it be great if you could bring that excitement straight to your mobile device?

With Odyssey Toys' latest device of virtual wizardry, you'll be able to do exactly that. The Mobile Arcade is the latest creation that uses augmented reality to turn your phone into a virtual race track. Take control of the vehicle of your choice and sprint, jump and maneuver your way around the track, all while avoiding the perilous traps that get in your way.

How exactly does the Mobile Arcade work? Well it's simple. Simply attach the provided (non-stick and non-scratch) adhesive to the front of your mobile device, and attach the provided holster to the back. Now you can us your phone to explore the 2 augmented reality race courses! and control a car that dashes across different settings while collecting coins and prizes for rewards. But be careful - there are several dangerous obstacles and terrible drivers on the road that would love nothing more than to see you wreck!

The glorious thing about the Mobile Arcade is that it literally fits in your pocket. You can play it while sitting at your desk (we won't tell your boss), or while you're out in public.
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